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I am a student of the Universe and a disciple SGI President Daisaku Ikeda. I believe in maximizing every precious moment here. I love music, singing, dancing, reading, writing, and dialogues with motivated people. I believe in the Unlimited Power and Wonder of the Human Body to Maintain and Heal itself, without unnecessarily risky surgeries, tests, biopsies, pharmaceutical drugs and long hospital stays. My Motto: PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What is True Integrity?

Makiguchi, Founder of Sokagakkai, stated, "The practical consequences of failing to do good are no different from those of doing evil."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

When to find a Doctor

       What is the best time to find a doctor? Is it when you are healthy or when you are sick? Most people wait until the last moment, when they cannot take it any more they rush to a doctor. This is not the best time. The doctor will be rushed, and he wont know about you or you family history. He won't know what type of a person you are and what are your strengths and weaknesses.  He wont know your history or allergies, etc. 
       The best time is when you are healthy. Then he can learn about you.  The two of you can work together to create a plan for you to improve your health and maintain a disease-free life for 100 years or more. This is the best time. 
     In fact, in my opinion a doctor should be paid to keep you healthy. Isn't that what a "Health Maintenance Organization" is... anyway? Keeping you healthy is what  he is good for. The best kind of doctor is one who keeps you out of the hospital, away from drugs, and completely surgery free.
     Also, when you are healthy you have the time to interview many doctors until you find the one you like, who you can talk to, who really cares about you.  Find an open-minded doctor who doesn't smoke and is not overweight. That's my advise. Find a doctor you can partner with as an equal; even exercise with and share discoveries about health and nutritional supplements with.

Self Health Power starts in the Mind

       True Self Health Power starts in ones mind. It is an attitude. Its as if your body is a ship and your mind is the captain. No matter how wonderful your karma may be, you still have to make good causes. No Matter how fantastic your DNA and your body may appear, your thinking can either enhance what you have or destroy it.  Why do many talented, beautiful movie stars die so young? Why do people become addicted to drugs, doctors, clinics, and hospitals?
       The answer is - "unhealthy thinking."  If you think the doctor can cure you or save you, that's "unhealthy thinking." You need to make sure you never even have to go there in the first place. At least that's the ideal. Sometimes things just cannot be helped. We understand this. And sometimes a good doctor can definitely be a life saver.
       But when it comes to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer; we have a say in what goes on. Our actions and our thinking have brought these degenerative diseases upon ourselves. We made the cause. So why should we be surprised at the effect. It all starts with 'unhealthy thinking' such as:
  1) Its okay if I smoke, I'll stop eventually.
  2) I feel that I am gaining inches in my waistline, but I'll start to exercise tomorrow.
  3) I've gained a lot of weight lately, I'll just go to the doctor.
  4) Life is stressful, I better go to the doctor and ask him to prescribe some drugs.
  5) I don't know what to do, I better ask the doctor, he knows best. (recent history over the past 30 years proves that this is false. Even the doctors know this is false.)
       Then, at even the slightest sign of a fever we go to a hospital or ask a doctor what to do. We get a cold and a fever and we call the Doctor.  It as if we have become weak, invalids with no mind of our own.
       Even if we go to the doctor,  44% of the time they misdiagnosis our problems. That can be very serious. Then again even if their diagnosis is correct, most of the drugs they prescribe have negative side effects. Then what's worse, they may err in their choice of treatment, or suggest that we be confined (sounds ominous doesn't it) to the hospital. Then we are at the mercy of negligence, infections, bad food, inadequate care or attention, mixing of drugs, overdose, etc. 
     Worst of all we loose control over our own health. Its as if we are being punished for a crime. We have lost our freedom. We cannot get up and leave when we want because of some silly regulation, accounting error on our bill, procedures, doctors orders, etc.
     My suggestion is only go there if it is really necessary. Be careful, ask lots and lots of questions, and think first about your health. Study your body,  health and nutrition, and have a positive attitude. You need to be like a Hercules or a gladiator - mentally speaking - so as to not be influenced negatively by their silly requests, just to pad the bill, etc.  Actually, what really and truly do doctors know anyway? Think about that. And never be afraid of disagreeing with them. Most of the time you know better than they do anyway.