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I am a student of the Universe and a disciple SGI President Daisaku Ikeda. I believe in maximizing every precious moment here. I love music, singing, dancing, reading, writing, and dialogues with motivated people. I believe in the Unlimited Power and Wonder of the Human Body to Maintain and Heal itself, without unnecessarily risky surgeries, tests, biopsies, pharmaceutical drugs and long hospital stays. My Motto: PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reason #3: Taking Supplements Increases Awareness

     The third reason it is important to take supplements is that it increases your awareness of the value of your health and your body. I believe that if you take supplements you will be careful to choose the best ones. That means you would question, study, and learn.  Learning about health is an essential ingredient. Your education is primary.  Who else should know more about your body than you? Who else should learn about what to eat or drink, than you?
     Just the act of taking them should make you aware. Also, high quality nutritional supplements will help you digest your food better and should be taken with a meal, and not on an empty stomach. As you begin to gain energy and "feel" healthier, naturally you will start to appreciate the genius of your body, and the pure wonder of good health.
     Just the thought of taking supplements, will motivate you to develop greater awareness. What goes on in your body and what goes on in your mind are linked eternally.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Reason #2: Why Nutritional Supplements

     Nutritional supplements are part of the "Self-Health Strategy," I have developed to help you take back control of your body,  health and life. It involves Physical, Spiritual and Material Health. Regarding Physical health there are four components: 1) diet, 2) Exercise,  3) high quality bio-available nutritional supplements and 4) your attitude towards your body.
     1.) Diet refers to what you eat.  I believe that one of the most important decisions you make every day of your life is what you put into your mouth. This includes food and liquid. Eating natural fresh fruits and vegetables and low glycemic foods is essential. Studying what to eat is an important part of respecting your body. Every bite of food, every sip or gulp of whatever liquid you drink will have a positive or negative effect on your cells natural health. Respect that.
     2.) Exercise is extremely important. Use it or you will loose it. Your body needs movement and your lungs needs oxygen.
     3.) Nutritional supplements are necessary to make sure every cell gets the full spectrum of nutrients in the right ratio and concentration they need to perform.
     4.) Attitude: This is the key. If you become aware of the wonder and supreme value of your living body, you will have nothing but respect and awe for it.  No one else is responsible for your body but you. You cannot blame the doctors or the hospitals or the drug companies.  Be exceedingly careful when you get advice from anyone about your health. Do not yield control completely to a clinic, hospital, or doctor. Be totally proactive and ask lots and lots of questions. Pretend your body is your baby son or baby daughter. Would you ever let anyone hurt them? Of course you would not. Then why do you hurt your body by failing to educate yourself.  That's why you have to think, take care and love your body