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I am a student of the Universe and a disciple SGI President Daisaku Ikeda. I believe in maximizing every precious moment here. I love music, singing, dancing, reading, writing, and dialogues with motivated people. I believe in the Unlimited Power and Wonder of the Human Body to Maintain and Heal itself, without unnecessarily risky surgeries, tests, biopsies, pharmaceutical drugs and long hospital stays. My Motto: PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


     People ask me, if I am a Guru.  My response is that I am a 'revolutionary,' because of my approach and my ideas. They say that "necessity is the mother of invention," and problems are really just opportunties in disguise. I agree.

     First of all, I am a Buddhist. Therefore, I cherish and respect all life, especially human life. Since our body is the source of our life, obviously I respect my body. Without it I could not live. Nichiren Daishonin, the Buddha of this time period, stated that "the body is the palace of the ninth consciousness." He also stated that "one single day of life is more valuable than all the treasures in the galactic universe." Once again, I agree.

     Therefore, health is extremely important to me. In fact, I believe that my health is my responsibility. It's not some doctor's responsibility to keep me healthy or cure any disease I get. Its up to me. I can take care of it myself... most of the time.

     Why? Because I study, I read, I think.  Do I want to be in a wheel chair?  Do I want to be drugged to the point I can't eat or walk to the bathroom myself? No way. Do I ever intend that this will happen to me?  I sincerely hope not.

     So I try to eat a balanced diet, with raw fruits and vegetables, whole grain or low gylcemic foods, and protein.  I try to chew my food well. I pay attention. Of course I am far from perfect, but I care. I am concerned. And I have noticed that the doctors I have met and dealt with know very little about health.  Some of them smoke, many are overweight, and some are obese. Most are closed minded, and uneducated about Indian, Chinese and Herbal medicine.  They tend to be extremely narrow-minded and archaic in their thinking. Not all, but many......

     Since our body is made up of 50 - 100 trillion cells, it is obviously wise to know about cellular nutrition. We all need to be aware of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that cells need. That's why we need to study. Since most of the food in the market is highly processed, and filled with all kinds of preservatives, pesticides, chemicals, etc... it is extremely unwise to continue to buy it, eat it and feed it to our children. Are we sheep? Are we sleep walking? Are we deaf and blind?

     What about smoking? It has been proven that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer. Maybe not 100% of the time but at least 50%.  So why would you smoke? Did you throw your brain in the trash can on the way to work? What kind of a rationalization have you made? And now you are a doctor, or a nurse.... and you are obese and you smoke? Do you think I would allow you to take my blood, or prescribe a drug or do surgery on me? No way. Do you think I am a moron?

     So now we have a health care crisis. Americans, and others cannot afford to pay their medical bills. Its simple. TEACH THEM HOW TO TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES AND THEY WON'T HAVE ANY MEDICAL BILLS. 

     The first thing a child should learn is that they have a body..... a wondrous, complex organism that is infinitely capable, if you take care of it. Be careful, chew your food, eat what's healthy, drink mineral water and make sure you are hydrated, get enough sleep, like eight hours a day.... exercise regularly, don't smoke, etc.

     THAT'S IT.  If you do those things and take high quality nutritional supplements, according to your specific age and set of needs, most people won't have 'Medical Bills.'  Most people won't get cancer, heart disease, or diabetes. Imagine if the 285 million people that have diabetes today could reverse it. Wouldn't that be great? Guess what.... it's completely reversible.  Though doctors and health care personnel might not tell you that, .... its true.  Most diseases are man-made. They are degenerative diseases caused by our own lack or awareness,  guts and determination. We are killing ourselves,  no one else is doing it. 

     So I believe we need to start a Healthcare Revolution.  

     First, it should start in kindergarten and grade school. Let's teach children how and what to eat. Before they learn to ride a bike or do their ABC's;  teach them what is good for their bodies, and what is not.
     Second, let's completely revamp all the medical schools and hospitals in the USA and the World. Let's put the 'primary' focus on health not on disease. Let's focus or prevention, not diagnosis, treatment and cure. I mean lets re-write the textbooks for college and medical school. The old way is no good. Its time for a change. That way we can save trillions of dollars in wasted medical costs, and all live healthier and happier lives.
    Third, lets pass laws that all restaurants must provide healthy fresh, raw, organic foods on their menu, or pay a penalty. All business must provide exercise time, like at least 20 minutes a day, to walk or stretch, etc. If we can send a man to the moon, we can do it. If we can make cell phones that talk to you, we can do it. First things first. Let's take care of this amazing, miraculous body of ours.

   That's just my idea for improving our quality of life.

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