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Monday, January 2, 2012

REASON #7 Supplements Remind you to think Healthy

Reason # 7: Nutritional Supplements remind you to Eat right and exercise regularly.
      It is essential to eat properly and take supplements. If you do not or cannot eat properly it is even that much more important to take Nutritional Supplements.  The most important decision you make three times a day is what you put into your mouth. Three times a day you have to choose. Do you appreciate and respect your life and your body? Are you aware of what you are doing? Are you ignorant, blind or undisciplined?
      These are the questions you must ask yourself. Face the truth. Who, other than you, is responsible for the way you look and feel?  Who, if not you, is in charge of what you feed your cells? Now, these are the three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
     Here is some suggestions for a low glycemic healthy Breakfast. - IN THIS ORDER-.. 1) eat, chew and swallow a piece of lemon, 2) drink one glass of water 3) eat a small bowl of raw or toasted oat bran with a banana or other fruit and flax seed meal, (you can use mineral water or non-fat milk; a little stevia won't hurt either...4) have a hard boiled egg or a raw egg, with a little rock salt. Drink water and take your high quality Nutritional Supplements. Make sure they are guaranteed potent.
     For Lunch try a vegetable salad, with tuna or salmon, lettuce, celery, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, jicuma, radishes, green peppers, tomatoes, nuts and blueberries or cranberries.... with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, plus a little rock salt and pepper.
     For Diner do your best, vegtables, whole grains and lean meats, ok.. 
And for exercise: Walk or run every day 1 - 2 miles or more.

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